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Future Of VOIP

VOIP has been around for quite a while now. IT has been able to provide seamless business solutions to businesses and individuals.  It has been able to leverage the existing IT infrastructure in order to provide communication solutions. Low cost operations and the flexibility of audio visual platform has enabled it to penetrate most parts of the world in no time. However, it has had its share of challenges to overcome. VOIP has to mature as a technology.  Under the current scenario latency and data loss are the major concerns of VOIP. So what lies in store as future for VOIP and VOIP enabled applications?

VOIP could be the cutting edge technology of the future provided it is able to provide a support of a reliable protocol instead of IP. This is the prime reason for data packet’s sequencing issues while conducting communications on a VOIP platform. Users will love to adopt and leverage benefits out of a technology that offers them on the go connectivity with friends, family and colleagues in almost no time. The technology has to become smarter and involve customers as its epicenter. Only a low cost solution won’t help unless VOIP ensures seamless communications between two or more participants.

It has been able to revolutionize the way people communicate.  Be it video or audio conferencing, information sharing or more related services, VOIP has been able to live basic expectation of people. The next level should be where VOIP can offer rich multimedia streaming without delays or loss of information. People will love to manage their business transactions on such a platform if it can offer more reliability and enhanced security. VOIP is here to stay for few years. The only concern is that in case the technology doesn’t mature it might get replaced with a more reliable and effective communication technology platform.

Lingo VoIP is a great VOIP service if you need something more dedicated. But if you are just looking for a cheap way to use your computer as a phone, then get a Magic Jack. Magic Jack is like $40 a year for VOIP and so you can make free long distance phone calls on your PC.

When you decide to order VOIP or get it installed, you can download your Facebook phonebook with all your friend's phone numbers into your VOIP phone book and even lookup cell phone numbers online using the cell phone lookup tool.